Frequently asked questions

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Question How do I create and upload my own logo in the theme customizer menu?
AnswerThe .psd logo is included in the files you downloaded and is an editable file, once you are finished with changing it, you just need to save it as a .png file. After saving it as a .png file, you can upload it in the customizer menu! If you have trouble with this, feel free to send us a message!
Question I installed the theme, but my images are looking weird and have different dimensions.
AnswerIn case you already uploaded some images before activating the template:

They can be optimised with this plugin:

After installing and activating the plugin, go to Tools –> Regen. Thumbnails.

Just let the plugin run and it will optimize all your images for the slider. It can take some time depending on your hosting speed & number of images.

Question What are the image dimensions you recommend for the slider and the featured images?
AnswerWe recommend a size bigger than 1920px width and 1080px height for optimal results. You can use smaller images for the regular blog posts if you want, but for the slider, this is the best size.