Step 1: Name it

Choose a domain name for your new website! Once you picked one, you’ll want to register that domain at a registrar such as Domain names are roughly $10 and you pay this fee once a year. You can also choose to purchase your domain with your hosting company (see below).

Step 2: Host it

In order to have your website visible on the internet, you need to purchase hosting.  We recommend using Bluehost (they offer a free domain!) or WP Engine as they are both reliable hosts with attention to security.

Step 3: Choose it

The best part of setting up your site is choosing your beautiful new theme design!

Step 4: Install it

Many hosting companies offer an easy installation process for WordPress. If you’re using Bluehost, look in your account overview, for the WordPress icon and follow the steps from there. You’ll have WordPress installed in under 5 minutes!

Once you have WordPress installed, it’s time to activate and begin setting up your new theme! Hooray! Contact us here for general questions or order our friendly priced installation service and sit back while we install your new theme! This can be found inside our Etsy store

Step 5: Launch it!

Once everything is all ready to go, you’ll want to launch your beautiful new website for the world to see!  Spread the news on social media and be sure to tag #themesart so we can see your beautiful new site! Also come by and submit your site to be featured in our showcase!