Social media is becoming more popular every day. Facebook alone has 1.8 billion users monthly and the tendency to increase annually is 16%. As for Twitter, the users amount to 317 million and 84% of the heads of state participate actively on Twitter. These are the figures for the two social media giants, rest of the social media constitutes more than 600 million users.

Thus it would be a folly to ignore the importance of social media for businesses as all the potential customers and clients are active on these websites and apps. But how to use social media in a right way to grow a business? Here are a few tips:

  1. Pinpoint Goals and Objectives

In order to grow your business through social media you have to first determine the goals and objectives which would help you stay focused. It means that you should know what you want to achieve exactly through using social media. It will help out in reaching figures which are the actual indicators in business strategy. Also, you should have detailed information about what is your targeted audience and where you think you could reach them.

  1. Be Personal

People love it when business interact with them in a more personal, human way. So, have actual human interaction with your potential customers. Make them realize that behind your company’s social media accounts there is a human interacting with them. Make sure that the comments on your posts are given response and make them realize that you acknowledge and value their interest. In this way your audience would feel connected to you and become your permanent follower.

  1. Know Customer Needs

You should understand what your audience needs as it will ultimately lead you to what your customer needs. Knowing the audience needs would help you keeping interaction with them. You should be aware of what your audience likes to read, and what other features can interest them. In this way you can provide them what they just need. In this way audience would be attracted to your social accounts and website like moth to flames.

  1. You Website Should Have Social Media Buttons

In this way, the traffic coming to your website would easily follow your social posts and stuff. Don’t expect your audience to track you down, rather make yourself available to them. In this way the threat of losing the readers is reduced. There are many websites and social media accounts, our themes work with all major platforms!

  1. Add Link of Your Profile to Your Website

Don’t just rely on social media buttons, go an extra mile so that your website visitor doesn’t get left out. Show some of your social media posts on your website by linking your social account to your website. That way, your audience will get more insights of your overall business.

  1. Share, But Don’t Spam

This means you should share valuable posts on social media without talking too much about your business. Because this can irritate your audience and they might unfollow you for that. So, share interesting info with them. In this way the word will get out through the simplest way possible.



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